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I have really found my passion for speaking after after going from fat to fit, and inspiring thousands to do the same as a Trainer, Author, Speaker and Coach. Since the year 2000 I have been writing an online fitness newsletter to an international audience and built a highly successful Fitness Centre. I learned what it really takes to be healthy and fit in so many ways beyond the obvious choices of food and exercise.

I learned from some amazing mentors how to create lectures and seminars that are full of energy, fun and engaging whether online or in person.

Speaking from the many, many lessons I have learned in my amazing life so far.

Back in 1998 I turned my entire life upside down by discovering my true passion from becoming healthy after many health challenges.  I left a 13 year career in architecture to build a 15,000 square foot fitness centre in a small town in 2002.

I have had the honour of being awarded Rotarian of the year (2004 and 2021), business of the year (2004 and 2016) and citizen of the year (2005 and 2015). I have since completed 7 Ironmans and been on Team Canada twice for the ITU world Long Course Championships. Most recently falling in love with Ultraman Triathlon (2.5 times longer than Ironman) – I have completed UM Canada and the Ultraman World Championships in 2013 – placing 21st overall. I then learned a ton about recovery and therapy after a near fatal crash during my 2nd time at the World Championships in 2015.  If took 3 years, but I headed back in 2018 for the Comeback race.  The documentary on that journey is available on live streaming for free: 
In 2009 I finished my first book: ‘If Your Body Were A Car, You Wouldn’t Treat It This Way’ which is a self published Best Seller.  I have since gone on to write several more including recipe books, and a 21 Day Reset Manual. In 2021 I collaborated on two multi author books and they have both reached #1 International Bestseller status.

In 2020 my 15,000 square foot dream gym of 18 years hit a point where I chose to close permanently.  While emotional, that has opened new doors.

I have the extreme pleasure nowadays of coaching groups of people in my online course – the 21 Day Nutrition Reset and the 6 Week Challenge, as well as several athletes for Triathlon, Running, Ultra Running, Swimming, Football and Swimming.  I do Personally Train a few clients a week in my new Home Gym Studio setup that features a DynaSpa Swim Training Pool, a fully decked out Fitness Bay in our renovated 2 car garage space, plus an outdoor 3 season training studio and an obstacle course on our acreage.

All of this lets me learn more and more about the key things that can lead people to success and my favourite thing, is to speak to groups of people on all I have learned.  I have learned from the most amazing speakers on the planet and am thrilled to engage audiences with powerful stories and lessons that really have an impact.